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Travel Vlogging – Is It Time To Go Mirrorless?

Travel Vlogging

Over the past three years, we have gone from complete video newbies to having over 200 travel videos on YouTube. During this time our camera equipment has steadily grown, we started with just an iPhone and now use a Canon DSLR.

Most of us like shiny new gadgets and if we had the money we would definitely upgrade but unfortunately, we are not in that position. However, during the last 6 months, we have encountered a few issues and limitations with our current set-up. Also, we are starting to earn some actual money from our videos so is it time to upgrade and consider changing to (Professional) Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras?

Why Change To A Mirrorless Camera

Canon-80D and Rode Video Mic Pro
Our current ‘main’ vlogging DSLR camera – A Canon 80D and Rode Video Mic Pro

The more experienced we get the less equipment we seem to actually use, we have our favourite gear and seem to stick with that. This really helps cut down on the amount of equipment we need to pack. However, what we do use needs to be versatile, hard wearing and easy to carry around all day.

This leads us on to one of the reasons we are considering a change to a mirrorless camera – the size and weight of the camera body itself, DSLR’s are generally bigger and heavier.

Packing the camera gear
Reduce the packing – cutting down on equipment

As well as the smaller and lighter camera body there are some other possible advantages to switching to a mirrorless camera.

Many features of mirrorless cameras are only available in more expensive DSLR cameras. These include the ability to film in 4K at a decent frame rate and silky smooth slow motion for that ‘Peter McKinnonesque‘ B-Roll.

What I miss with a DSLR camera is not being able to film while looking through the viewfinder, the mirror flips up and you have to use the LCD screen. Obviously, without a mirror, this does not occur, mirrorless cameras have electronic viewfinders (EVF) instead.

Another feature which you can find on a number of mirrorless cameras is USB charging, this can be especially useful when travelling.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of A Mirrorless Camera?

Camera Gimbal
Using a mirrorless camera with a gimbal – looking more professional

Some wedding videographers we know have mentioned that paying customers expect ‘BIG‘ cameras from a professional although this hasn’t proved to be a major issue. Also, some photographers prefer the more robust feel of DSLR’s but the body quality of the new mirrorless cameras seem to address this.

As mirrorless cameras have electronic viewfinders and do display the live image through the lens they sometimes suffer with a slight lag in the viewfinder’s image. However, there are advantages with the EVF as they can display the histogram and zebra stripes (used to highlight overexposure).

You may not want the extra cost of changing all your lenses but many mirrorless brands now have their own native adapters which allow you to use your existing lenses and their features.

Do You Use A Mirrorless Camera?

Using A Mirrorless Camera
Do you have use a mirrorless camera?

Do you use a mirrorless camera for video, how do you find it and what features do you like (or dislike). What make and model do you use?

You can see all or travel videos from our first attempt to the latest Oscar-winning spectacular on our YouTube channel Fly Drive Explore.

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