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Preparing For A Stress-Free Flight

Stress Free Flying

It’s no secret that I (Mrs W) do not like flying, however, it doesn’t put me off travelling. Instead, over the years I have learned some tips and tricks to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Here are some of the tips I have learnt to prepare for a stress-free flight. 

Get Documentation Sorted
Passport and Suitcase
Don’t forget your passport and paper work.

Get all your documentation together and read through the paperwork. Check if you need a visa for the destination and if you do, don’t leave it to the last minute to apply. Also, check that your passport is in date as many countries need at least 6 months left on it, so be sure to renew it in plenty of time. If you need to check-in online do you need to print your boarding pass off in advance? If you don’t you may be charged for this service at the airport, however, some airlines will accept a mobile boarding pass.  Do you need to print off your hotel reservation or will showing an email confirmation be enough? Make sure you have travel insurance for peace of mind.

Plan How You Will Get There
Liverpool Airport
There’s no hiding where this plane is based

Plan how long it will take you to get to the airport – Google Maps is good for this, and will often tell you if there are roadworks along the way.  Allow for extra traffic at rush hour. Think about if you are going to drive yourself, take public transport or book an airport transfer. If it will be a rush to get there on the day, you can always stay in a hotel close by the night before. This will help ensure you get to the airport on time and start the trip in a relaxed way.  Alternatively, book a private transfer with a reputable company such as Cyllenius Travel Services who offer affordable airport transfers in Liverpool.


If you are going on a short trip you may not need hold baggage. If you can manage with just a carry-on, it can save you money as well as time at the airport checking your bag in and waiting for the luggage to be offloaded when you arrive at your destination.  With your travel bag take things to keep you occupied, such as magazines, an Ipad or Laptop, and download entertainment in case you have none on the plane. I like to have relaxing music too in case I get nervous on the plane, so I always take headphones too. 

Book A Lounge
Virgin Lounge Heathrow
The dining area of the Virgin Atlantic lounge

Booking an airport lounge is a great way to start the holiday off the right way. Airports can be busy and stressful places and a lounge is often a calm oasis in the middle of the chaos. If you are going business class these lounges are often included and if you are going economy you can book one for a fee.  You get free food and drink, free Wi-Fi and a nice calm environment. 


Due to security concerns, there are certain items you can’t take on the plane. It’s always best to check the latest security advance with the airport you are flying from before you go and the hand luggage restrictions. In the UK there are restrictions on the liquids you can take through security,  the current advice is that containers must not hold more than 100mls of liquid, should be in a single transparent resealable bag that must not hold more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm by 20cm.

Boots, belts and coats will need to be removed, so prepare yourself in advance. I also avoid wearing jewellery if I can for security as it can set off the alarms. If it does go off though don’t worry, you will just need to be checked again, often with a handheld scanner.

Qatar Airways Entertainment
The Qatar Airways entertainment system

Prior to flying, check out the facilities on the flight to see if it has entertainment on board. Virgin Atlantic and Qatar Airways, for example, have great entertainment systems with TV, films, music and simple games. You can even check out what is showing in advance on their websites.  For long flights, I plan in time slots what I will do, to make the trip go quicker. Sometimes I take work to do, sometimes I plan what to do when I get to the destination, sometimes I watch something I have downloaded, sometimes I will read magazines. Just being prepared will help the time go fast and will make the flight as relaxing as possible.

At Your Destination
Airport Transfer Links
Some airports have excellent transport links

Before you get to your destination plan how you will get to your accommodation. Some airports will have excellent public transport links, such as Amsterdam Schipol airport, whilst others not so much. If it is not straightforward and you are carrying a lot of cases, a taxi may be the fuss-free option, so check the taxi etiquette. Is there somewhere official to catch a taxi where you won’t be ripped off, or is Uber allowed to pick up at the airport? 

So here are some of my tips in preparing for a stress-free flight and a relaxing start to your vacation. Enjoy!

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  • MissPond
    December 19, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Great tips for a stress free get away. We always try and book flights from convenient to get too airports but it’s not always the case!

  • Latoyah
    December 19, 2018 at 10:39 am

    Some good tips here! I am a very nurvous passenger, so will try some of these next time I fly.