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Car Hire Horror Stories And How To Avoid Them

Car Hire Horror Stories

We love the odd road trip don’t you know and usually, this means hiring a car when we travel abroad. We’ve hired cars all around the world with the USA being our favourite place to go on a road trip. However, sometimes things go wrong and that can seriously impact on your trip and your finances, leaving you out of pocket. So let’s look at some car hire horror stories and how to avoid them.

High Cost

High Cost Car Rental

The cost of car hire can be affected by a number of things including the size of the car, make and model, the length of car hire, the age of the driver and so on. To get a good price use a comparison site to compare costs. Car hire at the airport may cost more due to higher overheads so factor that in. A sporty car will cost more to higher and will cost you more money on fuel too so go for a more basic model is money is an issue.

Lack Of Choice

Booking early will give you the best prices and the best choice of car. Also hiring a car of a quieter day will also mean you will a better range to choose from. Shop around as different companies may have different cars for hire, this is especially true for convertibles.

Pressurised Sales Talk

Car Keys

If you don’t like the pressure of an added sales talk, trying you to upgrade at a cost or get add-ons then some companies will allow you to bypass these people and go straight to picking the car up. You usually have to be a member of their reward programme.

Expensive Add-Ons

Car Sat Nav

Before you go see if you can avoid expensive add-ons by thinking about your trip and what you actually need.  Instead of hiring a SAT NAV can you use Google Maps on your phone instead or hire one from EBAY? Instead of hiring a car seat for your child can you use one from home or even buy one in the country you are going to cheaper?

Damage Rip-Off

To avoid being ripped off for any ‘damage’ that wasn’t there be sure to check your car for damage inside and out before you get into the car and after you return the car. Take a video on your phone or photos of the state of the car inside and out for back up evidence and note any damage. This will help prevent you from being charged for any unwarranted extras.

Cover Yourself

Warning Sign

Book with a credit card to provide extra protection under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act in case of a dispute. You can use this to challenge the company on any additional costs taken for charges you feel are unfair. If you have booked a package with hire car the additional ATOL protection can help should the holiday not go ahead.  

As you can see hiring a car can be a bit of a minefield, by using these tips you can help avoid some of the rip-offs and car hire horror stories so you don’t become a victim too. Read more about car hire horror stories here and ways to prevent them.

Have you had a car hire horror story? Do you have any tips?

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