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5 Healthy Travel Breaks

Spa Hotel Break

I don’t know about you but holidays are our excuse to enjoy ourselves and possibly indulge in a little too much food and drink. We do try and balance that with fresh air and activities however and recently we have been thinking of trying to incorporate more exercise in our holidays.  Mr W is a windsurfer and we both like walking, so it would be great to take a holiday where fitness and health was part of the itinerary. With this in mind, here are our top 5 healthy vacations we really want to take in 2019.

Slow Travel In Italy
Amalfi Coast Italy

The slow travel movement has been gaining momentum recently and involves taking your time and really exploring an environment and your surroundings, rather than ticking off a list of things to do and see. I’ve thought about taking a slow travel break to Italy for a while. Exploring the picturesque Amalfi Coast, like Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan in The Trip to Italy, following in the footsteps of the romantic poets, and really taking time to at our stops to savour the food, getting lost n the windy streets, gentle hiking and enjoying La Dolce Vita, otherwise known as the good life.

A Relaxing Spa Staycation In The UK

We have some great spa hotels in the UK and when you don’t want to go far afield a spa staycation in the UK is the perfect luxury choice. Many hotels have facilities like swimming pools and fitness classes too or are set in gorgeous countryside, perfect for exploring on bikes. Bedford Lodge in Suffolk is one such hotel with award-winning treatments and is easy to get to from Wales.  Perhaps use this hotel for your base for exploring the beautiful Suffolk area, then do a few lengths of the pool, and indulge in a relaxing massage or beauty treatment or two in this spa hotel.

Getting A Rush Windsurfing In Greece
Windsurfing In Greece

Now, this is one for Mr W. He really enjoys windsurfing but our cold British summers and even colder winters mean you need stamina and a real love of the sport to windsurf in the UK. A windsurfing holiday in Greece means a warmer climate and there will be plenty to do for non-windsurfers too like me. In the windy summer months, Greece is the perfect windsurfing paradise. In Naxos, the windsurfing is close to the main town so I could explore while Mr W enjoys his adrenaline rush.

Hiking And Swimming In Iceland

This is something we have already done but we loved it so much we would both go back tomorrow. Iceland is an amazing country with beautiful natural attractions such as geothermal pools, geysers and ice-cold waterfalls. Last year we went to Iceland and explored the famous Golden Circle, as well as visited the Blue Lagoon and the Secret Lagoon geothermal pools. These pools have natural health benefits and the water is good for the skin. We also hiked the Svínafellsjökull glacier in Iceland which was a fantastic experience. Maybe next time we would hike the countryside in the north of Iceland in the Summer, away from the crowds.

A Cruise On A Boat With Wellness Facilities
Wellness Centre

You can stay fit onboard a cruise. AmaWaterways have a new fleet-wide Wellness programme that includes activities such as nutrition classes, circuits, core strength classes and much more. The boats also have bikes and Nordic walk sticks. Touring Europe in luxury on board a boat like this would be a dream and we really want to go on a river cruise so combining exercise and touring Europe would be a fabulous trip. Another company that offers wellness on board a cruise is Uniworld and they also offer exercise inspired excursions including kayaking and golfing.

As you can see there are lots of ways you can combine health into a travel break or vacation. Do any of these appeal to you?

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  • Laura Schwormstedt
    January 17, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Ohh I would love to go on a hiking trip to Iceland – I know that would do wonders for my wellbeing and great for fitness and the soul! Love this

    Laura x

  • Fatima
    January 17, 2019 at 2:04 pm

    I really enjoy relaxing spa staycations and often plan those. Even my son is a huge fan of some water fun and pool time.