Cardiff To Venice With Flybe – Will It Be The Last?

To be absolutely clear, we love flying from Cardiff Airport. Irrespective of any facilities it may or may not have the very fact it is only 30 minutes away from our house makes travelling so much easier.

With Qatar, KLM, Flybe and a number of other airlines offering scheduled routes from Cardiff the outlook was looking good. However, the airline business is harsh and one of our favourite low-cost airline Flybe was struggling in a very competitive market. Earlier this year it was sold to a consortium and there has since been a consolidation of routes.

As a result, from October 2109, Flybe will no longer be flying from Cardiff to Faro, Venice, Verona, Rome, Munich and Berlin. So this will probably be our last jet flight with Flybe.

However, there will be extra turbo-prop flights on the existing Cardiff routes which include Edinburgh, Belfast, Cork and Paris which is good.

Getting back to the Flybe flight experience itself (hopefully not our last), we try the Cardiff to Venice, Marco Polo Airport service on an Embraer 175.

Flybe Embraer E175
Flybe Embraer E175

Cardiff Airport And Check-In

The closest car park is the Meet & Greet service, which is about 100 yards from the terminal, we paid £67 for just over 7 days.

Since our last visit to Cardiff, there are a number of self-service bag drop machines. So if you have checked in online and have printed off your boarding pass you can save time queueing. There were plenty of machines available and we didn’t have to queue at all so it was only a matter of minutes before we were at security.

Cardiff Airport self service bag drop
Self-service bag drop

The lines at security were short, one of the benefits of flying from Cardiff and once through security there are plenty of places to sit, thanks to the newly expanded departure lounge.

On Board The Flybe Embraer 175

Leaving a grey Cardiff Airport
it doesn’t always rain in Wales

The Embraer 175 has a two-two flight configuration and is a relatively small aircraft, which in some ways is good. Less chance of other passengers holding up the flight and quicker service by the flight attendants.

Embraer 175 seating
Embraer 175 seating

As the Embraer 175 is a relatively small plane Flybe are strict with the carry on luggage size. They physically check the size of the case before boarding, much to the surprise of one very sweary man, who mistakenly thought that a carry on bag was a standard size across all airlines. He must have ignored the two reminder emails that everyone else on the plane seemed to have received. Mr Sweary Man didn’t actually shut up for the entire duration of the flight, most of the fellow passengers could hear his whining for the full two hours.

Flying over the Alps
Flying over the Alps

As Flybe is a budget airline, just like Ryanair and Easyjet, there is no entertainment system or any power or USB sockets. This isn’t really an issue as the flights are all relatively short, just come fully charged if you do want to use your own iPhone, tablet etc.

You can buy food and drink onboard and our usual airline ‘breakfast of champions’ is a Twix and a black coffee which costs £3.50. They also serve a small selection of sandwiches and stronger drinks. Another advantage of these smaller jets is that you do not have to wait too long for the trolley to reach you, unlike the painfully slow British Airways service.

Arrival At Marco Polo Airport, Venice

Arrival in Venice
Arrival at Venice Marco Polo Airport

On arrival at Venice Marco Polo Airport, there was a bus transfer from the plane, only the large transatlantic jets got access to the limited selection of air bridges. Again, as the plane is small there wasn’t any major delay in getting all the passengers on the bus.

Overall, it was a good flight only really spoilt by Mr Sweary Man who couldn’t be bothered to check the size of his carry on case. It will definitely be a shame to see the end of this service and the flights to Verona from Cardiff.

Flying with Flybe from Cardiff to Marco Polo Airport, Venice #FlightReview

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