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Why Niagara Falls Tempts You Back Year After Year

Niagara Falls

Every year, around 30 million tourists flock to see the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls. Interestingly, many of them are repeat visitors. Here is our take on why Niagara Falls tempt you back year after year.

Wonderful Hotels

Marriott Niagara Fals

When you visit the area you get the chance to stay in a highly appointed five-star hotel. Some of them offer you the chance to enjoy a spectacular view of the Falls, from your room. The Marriott On The Falls is the closest hotel to the actual waterfalls, so it offers the best views.

A lot of people stay in one of these hotels for their honeymoons. So, when special anniversaries come around, they naturally enjoy returning for another romantic weekend.

There Are Numerous Ways To Enjoy The Falls

The first time you see the Niagara Falls, you are usually in awe. They are far bigger and more spectacular than most people expect. So, the urge to go back and see them again is hard to resist. 

There are several ways to experience these majestic waterfalls. You can see them from above and below or take a tour behind the Falls.

Niagara Falls At Night

Most people do not have the time or the funds to experience all of these tours, the first time around. So, many visitors come back again so that they can maybe take the helicopter ride over the top of the waterfalls or ride one of the boats that will take you to the very base of the Falls.

There are plenty of other things to do and see during your vacation. Here are just a few suggestions to give you some idea of what is available.

Enjoy The National And State Parks

In 1885, the American government realised that, if they were not careful, the thousands of visitors who were already holidaying in the area would soon ruin it. To stop that from happening they created America’s first State Park. 

It is a stunning place. In 2007, this huge park was named the 10th most beautiful spot in the USA. The Whirlpool State Park is also stunning and well worth a visit, as is the Devil’s Hole State Park. 

Visit The Aquarium Of Niagara

This not for profit aquarium was opened in 1965 by a group of chemists and scientists. You can see over 1,500 different fish and aquatic animals during your visit there. 

If someone in your group has a birthday, during your holiday, you can book the aquarium as the venue for a party. But, slots go fast, so you would need to check availability and place your booking, before you travel.

Easily Turn Your Trip Into A Two-country Holiday

The Rainbow Bridge Niagara

The waterfalls straddle the Canadian-American border. So, you can easily stay in one country and pop across to visit the other one. All you need to do is to remember to take your passport and obtain the relevant visa if you are from a country that requires you to have one. Both the Canadian and American governments provide clear instructions for tourists who want to visit both of their countries. You can find all of the information you need on either country’s official Niagara Falls tourism website.

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