Weird And Quirky Things To Do In London

The London Skyline

London is an incredibly interesting metropolis that has existed for over two thousand years, it was first founded under the name “Londinium” by the Romans in 43AD. If you are planning to visit the city for a day or two and want to avoid all the tourists who flock to the main attractions such as Big Ben (currently undergoing maintenance), the London Eye and the Tower of London (although all very good). Instead, check out these more interesting and slightly unusual things to visit during your time in the capital. Especially if it’s not your first time in the city.

London’s Overgrown Secret Garden

London's secret gardens
London’s secret gardens

The capital, for all its industry and business, is still quite a green place to be with tree-lined avenues and Royal parks. While a walk in the park may not seem unusual or different, let us invite you to wander the forgotten paths of the Hampstead Gardens. Once the well-kept grounds that surrounded Lord Leverhulme’s fantastic pergola, unfortunately, the area fell into disarray after this death in 1925 and nature slowly started to take over the structures that still stand today. Now the area is signposted as London’s “Secret Garden” and you can walk through the original garden pergola, complete with creeping vines. The area has a peaceful yet moody and eerie atmosphere, even following the recent restorations. 

The Graves Of The Greats

Highgate Cemetery

Cemeteries aren’t the typical attraction for visitors to London, but Highgate is sure to impress. Considered to hold some of the most striking funerary architecture in the UK, Highgate Cemetery is split into two sides. The east cemetery, where German philosopher Karl Marx is buried, allows visitors to freely roam the grounds, however, there is an entrance charge and the cemetery will close for funerals. The west side contains some of the most incredible memorials and monuments you’ll ever see, and admission is granted by guided tour only so make sure to book in advance before you visit. Your west cemetery tour ticket also grants access to the east side for up to one month, which leaves you  

Outdoor Art And Architecture

London Street Art
Some of London’s street art

London, like most capital cities, has its fair share of graffiti and street art however, most of the time, visitors don’t pay much attention to their surroundings and miss some of the  great artwork. Head to the East End and you’ll find some street art that will stop you in your tracks. Striking colours, incredible detail and some hard-hitting images make you think twice about graffiti and its place in the streets. Also, exploring London’s eclectic street art costs nothing.  Due to the nature of street art its always changing, especially as in most areas graffiti is technically illegal. So you can always revisit places to see something new and unique.

Don’t forget to look up while you are walking around, much of “original London” resides in the upper levels of the buildings and it’s surprising the number of little architectural gems from you can still find. 

Walking In The Footsteps Of Killers

Jack The Ripper Tour
The backstreets of Whitechapel

The city of London has a rich history, it has stood through two millennia after all, but not all of this history is nice, a lot is very grim indeed. The capital has seen its fair share of chaos, serial killers and unsolved mysteries. Not least of these is the elusive ‘Jack the Ripper’, the serial killer who plagued London’s Whitechapel in the East End in a spate of five ghastly murders that took place in the winter of 1888 and potentially more that were never uncovered. When you take this tour, you’ll walk in the footsteps of this infamous killer and learn about the history around the case. What the police investigators of the time did and who the prime suspects were thought to be. 

Have you found something different or unusual to do in London? Or have you tried any of the above before? On your next visit to London, why not head off the well-beaten track and discover something new. There’s always a secret to be found tucked around the next corner.

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