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Travel Photography – Our Essential Packing Tips

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It seems like only yesterday that I used to go on holiday armed with only a camera phone but how things have changed. I now have a collection of lenses, cameras, filters, tripods, microphones, I could go on.

The only thing that isn’t increasing at the same exponential rate as my camera equipment seems to be my ability.

Now, when it comes to travelling I often have to whittle down my camera equipment to a manageable amount. Especially when travelling by plane with all the current airline size, weight and packing restrictions.

When doing this, it is really useful to have a packing checklist, I have to admit that I have forgotten an essential cable and a spare battery or two on a number of occasions. It can be quite expensive and inconvenient to replace these items when you are away.

My Essential Camera Equipment

DSLR Camera (Goes without saying|)
3 Lenses A 50mm lens, a wide-angle 10 – 18mm lens and I still use the trusty old 18 – 55mm kit lens.
Batteries, Memory Cards and Charger (Don’t forget that charger.)
Tripod Either a Manfrotto Compact or a Joby Gorillapod depending on space.
Laptop Macbook
USB Cables
ND Filters
Rain Cover Essential when visiting Iceland.
Rode Video MicPro I use the DSLR for video too.
Lens Cleaning Cloths

All this kit fits into my carry-on camera bag, I prefer the Billingham style shoulder bag rather than a backpack. To be honest I’m not a ‘backpack’ sort of person. I also have really tough Pelican case for when I want to take everything although this is quite heavy.

My Favourite Photographic Destinations

Who doesn’t love a bit of rugged landscape and Iceland is the perfect location for this. We were so impressed with the Icelandic scenery that we visited twice last year. Although we still didn’t manage to see the Northern Lights.

Jokulsarlon Lagoon

Jökulsárlón, the glacier lagoon in Iceland

In total contrast to Iceland is Dubai, after all the snow and wind of northern Europe the desert heat of Dubai makes for a pleasant change. Those ridiculously insane buildings and the Persian Gulf sunsets are crying out to be photographed.

The Burj Al Arab Dubai

The Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Closer to home we also love visiting London, there is always something new to photograph or film in most cities. Whether it’s the skyline, the sights or the people, you can always find a unique perspective.

Visiting London

Visiting London

Do you have any travel photography tips of your own and what is your favourite photography or video location? Let us know below.

An Essential Guide To Travel Photography
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