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    Our Top 5 Favourite Road Trips

    Top 5 Road Trips

    We love driving and exploring new places, well we should do as those two activities take up the majority of our blog name! So, when we recently came across Chill Insurance and their ‘Irish drives eBook series’, it got us thinking about our favourite road trips. Road trips give you the freedom to explore in your own time, allowing you to take the ‘other’ road and just seeing where you end up. We must admit although this usually ends up being good fun, things can become eventful, like having to dig your car out of black volcanic sand in an 80mph snow storm.
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  • Driving In The UK
    Travel Advice

    Top Tips For Driving In The UK

    First welcome to the UK, sorry about the weather. If you are arriving from the US then you’ll probably be landing at Heathrow or Gatwick airport near London. Firstly, don’t think…